Sunday, September 28, 2008

Picture update

First I'd like to introduce Quinns New Cousin from Bangor Subase Washington. Mila Ladua. Can't wait to meet you cutey.

As for Quinn, I know he is thrilled that dad just bought rock band 2. He loves it and has trouble containing himself.

We've missed so much updating these past few weeks, a lot has been happening. Auntie Karra got married so Quinn got all spiffed up.

I don't know who taught this boy to slow dance.

Time is flying lately. And this blog is easily neglected these days with our new schedule. Steph is at school 40 hrs per week with up to five hours additional study time each day. I guess that means updating is pretty much up to me. As far as our new house goes we are enjoying it. I'll put up pictures of some of my favorite parts of the house but not all (14 total rooms including finished basement).

Like the kitchen. Theres an indoor grill and a food warmer. The sink and dishwasher are pretty much separate from the cooking area. Who ever built this liked to entertain many guests.

I have one tenant whom I offered any room in the house to, and he chose the formal dining room. Of course.

There are three full bathrooms inside the house, along with a full bathroom, two showers and a wet bar outside by the pool.

The master bedroom has three closets.
Quinns room.

I think Quinn has a good life here. He seems to be happy about it.

Possibly my favorite feature. Five car garage!!! 3 external and 2 internal.

A work shop in case I ever need one.

We're the last house on a dead end road. And we've met and like our nearest neighbors. Always a plus.

The basement has a series of rooms that I don't know what to do with, besides maybe these two.

The house is a great place to come home to. And it's a good thing I don't mind spending a lot of time here, because we don't have money to do much else. Now that Steph is in school, we've put ourselves on a tight budget that includes the $2400 monthly mortgage (6% 30 yr fixed with nothing down). We figure the sacrifice will be worth it to get Steph through school, and then we'll be in a position to live more comfortably and do things with this big house. But I gotta say, at a glance the house makes us look rich, until you see our 98 ford ranger and 96 saturn parked in the driveway. They're paid off.
So theres some pictures. Hope all is well with everyone. Steph says hi but shes too busy with her studies to update.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Do it yourself moves...

The family is finally moved in along with all our years of accumulated junk. I gave myself plenty of time to move so that I could do most of it myself... Just the cleaning alone of the old place while mom and Quinn were at the new house. Never again, that blew. So while we have been living here for a few weeks now, we haven't taken any pictures of the new house that I know of. But I pulled some older shots off of the internet. If it looks a little big, that's because it is over 5500 sq ft. And I'll admit it is intimidating for my first house, (the lawn is 1.5 acres of grass that I will be cutting) but every one seems very happy with it. And yes, I really like it also.

Quinn is having a blast at his new home. It's massive for my tiny family, but he is all over the place. I took some pictures of him and his mommy playing outside in the rain at the old house. Running around outside when it's pouring is something Steph use to try and get me to do, and I did (back in the day when I was still trying to date her). But these days my son is more than happy to oblige his playful momma.

I'm sure there will be more pictures to come. Wanted to let everyone know that things are well with the Marshalls and we've been moving. Hope things are well with all of you.