Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back on-line!!!!

Ok, let me start off this post by saying Dan has hurt his back somehow. This morning he was unable to go to work or even move around really. Tonight like a sensitive and supportive wife I went out to an event for my faith. Before I left I told Dan to just get Quinn ready for bed and bring him to bed with him and I would put Quinn in his crib when I got home. I came home around 9:30 expecting to find Quinn sound asleep in our bed. Instead what I found was Dan laying in bed looking quite miserable (poor thing) and Quinn sitting up giggling really hard telling his daddy, "Knock Knock. Whose there? Chicken Quinn. Chicken Quinn who? Boo who don't cry I'll share my blanket with you." How many jokes can you fit into one. Quinn was just about crying and falling over he was laughing so hard and there's poor Dan just laying immobile on the bed. I love that the boy can completely entertain himself and that he is such a joyful child.

I intend on posting much more often now, however my camera battery is MIA. I made the mistake of putting the battery in it's charger on the floor in the playroom. Needless to say after all the kids finished playing, the battery was goon. That was mothers day and I have yet to find it. Sigh. I think I will just order another one. Anyways, I will leave you with these photos and try to get more up soon.

Auntie and Quinn. Can you feel the love.

The Easter egg hunt we put on for the kids at the house.

The kids found great joy in playing in the closet.