Sunday, June 27, 2010

Annual pool party

This past Thursday we had Quinn's annual end of the year school party at our house. It's the second annual pool party to be precise. After the party ended, it hit me, we could potentially have 6 more of these between Quinn and the new baby going to the same school. I'm really excited by that thought.

So as you can see there were a ton of kids, teens/tweens, and parents.

Just about all of the kids from his school came, and fun was had by all.

Even the parents!!! Which is really nice. We have a very unique pool. The shallow end is 3ft and the deep end is 4ft, so it's the perfect kid pool and a very relaxing parent pool.

Mary joined us,

and so did Joey.

And of course here is the boy himself.

He actually asked to have a party for all of his friends this year. I was really proud of him for thinking to do this. I hope he continues to be considerate of others.

And finally a quick pregnancy update. I have not had a lot of time to blog over the last couple months, but I don't want to neglect talking about this poor baby before its born. So, pregnancy number two has already started out pretty different from Quinn. Number 1, and I think I mentioned this already, this baby was much more planned than Quinn, and number 2, unlike with Quinn, I knew before I even missed my period I was pregnant. For a couple of days before it was due to come I felt like I had the flu, not full on awful flu, but I was achy and disconnected. For the first three months I had that low level nausea, but as long as I had food in my stomach I was all good (thus the 20 pounds I gained in the first three months, sigh). I've also been a little more tired with this one, however, the PhD program is much more intense than the masters program, and of course I have Quinn, so it's not like I can just nap whenever I want to. All this being said, this pregnancy has been good as well, nothing compares to the dream pregnancy I had with Quinn, however I can't complain about this one either. Like I said, as long as I ate I felt good, and I feel really good now. So, so far good and different, which I'm hoping means that everything is going well with this baby. We will find out on the 24th how everything is going. We have a level two ultrasound and fetal echo cardiogram scheduled that will show us in detail all of the inner workings of this baby. So......I'll keep you all posted. And at some point I will put up pictures of my already huge belly, another sigh!!! :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Embarrassingly overdue

Hello everyone, I guess it's time to find out whose stuck with us through this long silence. I am sorry it's been so long, and because of that I will start out with our biggest news, that way you can just look at the pictures from here out.

Dan and I are expecting baby number 2 around Dec. 15th. Amusingly, my little sister is also pregnant although she is 2 1/2 months further along than I am. I just hit 12 weeks. I guess I just felt like I needed more of a challenge in my life :). I'm kidding, Dan and I are very excited and we actually did plan this!!!! OK, on to the star of this page.

In the month of April we brought Quinn to see his first performance, for lack of a better term, ever and his first movie (How to train your dragon, which he loved and is obsessed with). We brought Quinn to see Elmo's Green Thumb compliments of my mother. She won the tickets from a radio station. She has to be one of the luckiest people I know with regards to winning stuff. She actually won a car once?!?!

Here is the stage right before the performance.

And my son eagerly awaiting the Sesame street gang, although that's kind of funny because we don't watch sesame street. I think he was just so excited about the experience.

We had some popcorn.

And Quinn's first cotton candy ever (and last for a long time). He loved it, wouldn't stop eating the stuff. Although its pure sugar so why was I surprised.

A picture of the boy, very pleased with himself.

Getting ready to hunt Easter eggs, notice the Toothless Dragon on the floor. I never wanted to be one of those parents that feed into getting their kids merchandising stuff, but since it was his first movie I caved this time. We have Toothless pajamas, a toothless, and a toothless backpack....Sigh, but he loves it.

Let the hunt begin.

He found every single egg.

I was worried he wouldn't find all of the eggs this year and I would forget where I put some, so we used plastic eggs. Next year I think we are going to do hard boiled eggs, that way we get to decorate too.

We also participated in the Ronald McDonald house walk. Definitely a good cause to support.

There was so much to do there other than the walk. People performed, here is Quinn listening one of the children's bands.

They got everyone up dancing. There were also games, relays, and prizes. It looked like a good time was had my all.
One of Quinn's friends from school turned 5 and had he party at a bowling ally. Another first for Quinn. He did really well, he got a score of 47, I think I've gotten scores lower than that as an adult. I probably shouldn't admit that though.

He held the ball, he didn't want anything to do with putting the ball on the ground and pushing it.

Looking good my love.

Although, they didn't all look quite that good. In fact, waiting for some of them to reach the pins got a bit tiring.

But luckily there was food.

and friends, so it's all good.

Finally, we went to my moms school to cheer her kids on at field day. They actually had tattoos and face painting. Very cute.

And of course, Quinn wanted a Toothless dragon. Unfortunately, the girl had never seen the movie and had no idea what Toothless looked like. I told her just to do her best to make a dragon because he wouldn't see it anyway. He was so proud of it, until he got home and saw it in the mirror. I told him I loved it and it looked great. That seemed to fix everything. God I wish it would be this easy to fix things for the rest of his life. Oh well, I'll take advantage for now. OK, thanks everyone for sticking with us and I will update soon now that I'm out of school.