Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Half way there ish!!!

OK, so I'm 20 weeks today, which is now considered the half way point in a pregnancy. I say ish because of course only God knows when this little boy will be born. I wanted to mark this milestone with a strictly new baby post. I have to say, I am thrilled to be having another boy. I would have been very happy to have a girl too, but I have to admit, I really wanted another boy ;). I like the temperament of boys. Also, I already have everything I need for a boy, and I'm somewhat practiced in the boy stuff. I realize I haven't put any belly pictures up, I will post them below in a little bit, I need to take some. OK, so as I mentioned in the previous post, I'm finally feeling this munchkin move, which has been really nice. This is 2 1/2 weeks earlier than his older brother. I started to feel just a little bit of movement on Friday, now I feel him quite often. I love this part of being pregnant. Feeling movement makes me feel a bit more justified in having such a huge belly!!!! There really is a baby in there. In other news, I'm really into pickles this time. It feels so stereotypical pregnant, but what can you do. I'm loving the Clausens dill spears right now. I have 2 jars in my refrigerator! I can't think of much else to say at this point. I'm feeling great, big, but great. Dan and I are really excited. Feel like we are a bit crazy for doing this again, but very excited. Can't wait to meet this little man and get to take him home right away. We will actually get the newborn experience this time, although in some ways that really scares me!!!!! I can't imagine I'll get much less sleep than I did the last time though. I'll let you know. OK, belly pictures to come soon.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zoo day

Quinn and I went to the zoo on Friday. It was the perfect day. It was a little rainy, so it was cool and overcast. Very nice for a pregnant lady.

There was this little section in front of the crane pen that was rocky like this. Quinn spent a lot of time here. Luckily it was small so I didn't have to chase him all over.

He really liked the seals.

I don't know if anyone remembers that we went to the zoo last year with Dan's sister and niece. Well, there was a story in that post that mentioned the fact that we were no where near a bathroom, when all of a sudden Quinn told me he had to go to the bathroom. I had no idea what to do, I knew we weren't going to make it to the bathroom. Next thing I know, he dropped trow and started peeing right in the middle of the exhibit. Well, this is a picture of the spot.

Hello everyone.

In other news, we are having another boy and according to the ultrasound, the baby looks very healthy!!!!!! Yayayayayayay!!!!! It's funny, with Quinn I used to wonder who he would look like more, Dan or I. But with this one, I've just been wondering how much he'll look like Quinn. It's funny how things work the second time around.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays!

We started off the week with one of Quinn's friends birthdays, of course I forgot the camera. But loads of fun needless to say. Than Wednesday we had Maki's birthday. Dan and Quinn spent the night with them so he would be able to go to the party.
The moon bounce was a huge hit.

But it was even better after the rain. Talk about a slip and slid on steroids.

Happy 5th birthday.

Mary, Quinn, and Maki are so lucky to live so close together. How wonderful to be able to grow up so close.

Pinata time.
Then on Thursday, we had Quinn's friend Torey's birthday.
We went last year, and have a very similar picture to this one.

Black frosting really leaves it's mark.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Last but not least, I finally got to feel the new baby moving tonight. I love that feeling so much. In other news, we have our ultrasound tomorrow to find out what this munchkin is and if it's happy and healthy. Well, we'll find out the healthy part anyway. Please, please, please!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dog doors and sparklers

Here is Quinn's latest form of entertainment. It kept him busy for about 45min.

In out in out in out.

This is the first time Quinn has ever played with sparklers. The next picture says it all.

Do you think it thought is was pretty interesting?

Mary liked them too. Thanks uncle Joe for bringing them.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Family reunion/wedding

Here's the boys personality shining through in spades.

We took Quinn to his first baseball game (Pittsburgh Pirates) just before the reunion.

We spent more time on the escalators than watching the game, but that's alright.

He is the entire Pantalone family, minus Uncle Howee, this hasn't happened in years. At least one grand kid is missing each reunion. It was a wonderful time and we were so happy to see everyone.

My grandmother definitely stole the show. No bathing suite didn't stop this woman!!!

Quinn with my aunt Tina.

Quinn got to meet his second cousins (I think? 1st cousin once removed? My cousins kids).
And I think they hit it off nicely.

All the pregnant bellies.
I had to add this one. These are my dad's brothers. You can't see any resemblance here can you?
Our first new family photo.