Monday, February 28, 2011

Just hanging out

Here are the boys just hanging out.

Bed time.

He's not doing it in this picture, but Wesley is a thumb sucker. I guess I should have known he would be when at less than 48 hours old he found his thumb and started sucking on it.

Quinn with his pillow pet and his how to train your dragon pillowcase is all set for bed. Night everyone.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Relaxing watching uncle Marshall and Quinn playing.

What is that crazy thing.

Thanks for the Christmas gift grandpa Dan.

Quinn working really hard.

Wesley's first stroller ride.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Daddy hasn't gotten to see this yet, but Quinn really wanted him to know that he can wink with both eyes now.


More Aquarium fun

Quinn just loves the aquarium. He asks grandma to bring him every month or so, and asks to go every time we drive by it. We even got Auntie Karra and cousin Haley to come this time.
He actually got brave enough to touch some of the creatures in the touch tank this time.
Not the crabs yet.
But we got the sea star.
Wesley even enjoyed himself for a while

And then he fell asleep.
Which was good. It made it so Quinn could stay a bit longer.
Hello Sister.

Hello Haley.

Ignore me in this picture! I thought I was just getting Wesley.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Daddy Calendar

So Dan is off to Wisconsin for a few weeks. We will miss you love. Take care and come back soon.
Here's Quinn bringing daddy to the airport. He looks like such a big boy, sigh.
"Good bye daddy, we will miss you so much." Quinn loves spending time with Dan and really misses him when he doesn't see him even for a couple of days. I wonder how this is going to go.
When we were in the military I used to watch the moms do all sorts of creative things for their kids to help them figure out how long the dads were going to be gone and to make them feel better about their dads being gone. So, I borrowed a couple of ideas and I'm putting them to the test.

Behold, the daddy calendar. Every day we move the stick with daddy's head toward the picture of Wesley and Quinn. When everyone is on the same day we will go pick up daddy.

Of course my scrambled lack of sleep mommy brain put 31 days in Feb, sigh, I tried to fix it.
I love his bald little head, but Wesley is starting to get his real hair in, and you know it's still pretty light. I guess we will see what time does.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wesley Marshall 2 months old

Happy 2 months Wesley. This really has been a wonderful two months. Aside from the stress of Quinn's surgery life has been really wonderful since Wesley came into our lives. He may look night and day different from Quinn, but he has Quinn's easy going nature and sweet temperament. Yay. When I started thinking about having another child I thought, gosh do I really want to do this? Quinn is so self sufficient. I get sleep at night. Do I really want to go through all of this work again? But I have always wanted two children and I never wanted Quinn to be an only child. So I thought, well ok, do the work, get through it, and have another wonderful child. But you know, it's as wonderful the second time around as the first and I don't mind the "work" one bit, just like I didn't mind the first time around. I didn't think about how much the love for your child makes everything easier to go through. I'm not as good with words as Dan is, but when I look at those big blue eyes, my heart melts every time and just like with my first child none of this feels like work. The sweetness, the absolute love, the forgiveness for any mistake, the total vulnerability, the trust.... What a miraculous thing babies are. What a wonderful thing. OK, with no further ado, here are the boys.

Here is Quinn in daddy's superhero pj's

I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor.

Smiley boy.

Umm, what are you looking at!!!
It's cute, Quinn liked the bird and Wesley likes the ladybug.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My boys

Here are my boys, just hanging out.

Actually daddy was taking pictures so I took the opportunity to also take some pictures.

Love the little belly sticking out.

I've started calling Wesley my chunky monkey.

He is doing so well and is doing exactly what he's supposed to, eat, sleep, and grow.

Quinn is still doing fantastically. He's back to school, back to being himself, and is doing a really great job with Wesley.

Hello blue eyes.

Sitting with daddy and relaxing.

If you are watching this with a child you might want to turn down the volume. My cousin was watching an R rated movie and I'm not sure how much you can hear in the background.
Wesley started really smiling between 5-6 weeks old and is very very talkative and smiley in the mornings. He may be huge but he is very gentle and sweet. I think he's going to be like me when I was little. I looked like a bruiser but I was very sensitive and gentle.