Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall festival and a thank you

Like all grandmas, my mother pretty much tells everyone she meets about Quinn (which I think is really sweet). She also tells the kids she teaches all about him. One of the girls in her class got him this hedgehog, which he absolutely adores and now sleeps with every night. The first stuffed animal he's ever taken to bed. One of her girls also made him a Go Quinn Go sign which we will post pictures of once I figure out where he put them. So thank you very much to the girls in my moms class. As you can see you've made my boy very happy.

We went to a fall festival today at a farm near us. What a blast, I couldn't believe all of the things they had going on.

You could, of course, pick a pumpkin.

Pretend to be a ghost. He didn't quite get the only show your face part.

We thought this was a beautiful spot.

Mommy cuddle time.

They had tractors to sit on.

Hay rides.

More cut outs. Quinn ended up sharing a face spot with auntie.

Painting your pumpkins once you pick one.

My friend Lisa came with us, that is not a random stranger painting with my son.

They had a treasure hunt we didn't do.

Pumpkin sling shots.
You aim at scarecrows!!!!

There was lots of food to be eaten.

More tractors to ride. They had a petting zoo and a hay bail maze for the kids. Face painting and so much more. It was really fun.
And last but not least. Pumpkin catapulting. Go mommy!!! Thanks to uncle Marshall for picking out the pumpkin.
If you couldn't tell, I hit the hay bails. Wowho, go mommy go.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Staring the grandchildren

So I found this tent on sale at w*lmart and just couldn't resist. Our toys are barely age appropriate anymore so I'm trying to get more things that promote creative play. I'm not really sure of the best things to get for three and four year olds.
Here's daddy and Quinn playing together.


OK, so on to the grandchildren.

Here's our latest addition, at three months old.

A little smile for Auntie.


Miss Mila eating some lunch. She's visiting with grandpa right now.

Mr. Quinn himself.

I love this picture!! Happy Maki.

The saddest Mary you ever did see, on to ......

the happiest Mary!!

And finishing with Maki.