Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lazy days

Last Friday we had fun at the beach with a friend of mine and her niece and nieces friend. Needless to say, Quinn loved it.

Quinn's fan club.

The Marshall boys.

The many hair styles of Quinn.

For those of you who didn't know this, Quinn has a duck tail. I hate to admit it, but just after I wash his hair and towel it dry it becomes (dare I say it) a mullet. I say this for posterity sake, as once we have a haircut it will be gone.

Don't be fooled, Quinn is not sucking on the pacifier. He is chewing it. The teething thing has kicked up a notch. He is a little crankier, a little clingier, and restless at night. I am going to jump on the we don't really need teeth bandwagon.

Quinn is now 15lb 13oz, still not quite there, but oh so close. The cardiologist was very pleased with his weight gain. Until this appointment he was a little nervous with Quinn's slow growth. His growth spurts since his procedure means that the stints and the angioplasty were very effective. It helps to know we didn't go through all that for nothing. OK, I guess that's all for now.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little Yogi's

Quinn and I had our last mommy and me yoga class this past Tuesday. We had lots of fun and hope to do it again in October. Here are some photos of our final class.

Also, Quinn is starting to eat little finger foods. Here's a picture of that. Too bad I didn't get the whole thing though. It was basically one for Quinn one for daddy, one for Quinn one for daddy.
Doing a little light reading.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fun with daddy ...... or maybe not

So Quinn is now 15lb 2oz and 25 7/8 inches long. His height just made the baby charts. His weight still isn't quite there. I think it will his next dr. appointment. He is also really interested in somethings he technically shouldn't be doing yet. His physical therapist noticed that Quinn really likes to play with a small soft soccer ball that I got him. He roles it to you on the floor and he tries to throw it. It's really cute.

Although this is what we do in our bouncer.

Daddy got the honor of taking our little boy swimming today.

Once again it was a hit.

Or was it?

Look again from a differnt angle.

We wanted to try to get him underwater. I'm just not sure we did it right. He doesn't seem any worse for the wear though.

Back in Boston

Another trip to Boston. But this one was not as painful.

The Boston Museum of Science is more of what I had in mind if I was ever going to bring my kid into Boston. Now mom and I get to watch Quinn squeal with joy rather than squeal for other reasons.

The displays were cool and all, but I really only wanted to see how Quinn reacted to everything. There's nothing funnier than seeing a round little face full of pure excitement. Of course watching Steph was pretty entertaining as well. I don't know who was more awe struck. She had this bewildered look on her face the whole time.

Not really. But no denying that's a funny picture.

Once Quinn had seen enough, he calmly brought up the fact that he was hungry. He then waited patiently and quietly while we looked for an uncrowded spot in this public place to feed him.

Again, not really. It was angry screaming baby with tons of people looking at the new parents who had no good prior plan. Of course we found a spot, sort of.

Quinn called it quits after a few hours, so we called it a day. A really good day.

Doing things as a family has never had this kind of meaning for me. I was talking with my pop the other day, telling him how much fun it is being around my kid. He told me to wait until one day when he's older and doesn't call you much and is busy providing for his own family. Well, I love you dad, and wish we could hang out all the time. Seeing how easily life changes is what helps me enjoy these times even more. Even though you and I don't see each other much, we do have a ton of great memories. Here's to hoping my kid can say the same about me when he's older.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What a weekend

What didn't we do this weekend? On Saturday we went to my cousins baby shower. What a beautiful happy momma to be. I am so exited for my cousin Amy and her husband. I know they are going to love being parents. I also know they are going to make great parents. They are such loving wonderful people. Good luck you two. Just remember, the baby will sleep some day.

Look at how big Quinn is getting

Here is Quinn chowing down on some watermelon. He got his first taste of it last weekend when my friends watched him for the evening. Look at how hard he's holding on to my hand to keep the melon in his mouth.

Do you think he might like watermelon??? That would be one thing he got from me. I love watermelon, Dan hates it.

Today we went to a Fourth of July barbecue. Amazing food. I put this picture up because I think it's a little glimpse of what he's going to look like when he's older. Call me crazy but aside from the wide open mouth, his face looks older to me here.

After the barbecue we had another first. We went swimming.

Again, do you think he liked it.

I just had to try out our camera. Supposedly it's water proof up to 10 feet. The camera still works, so I guess it's true.

His bathing suit may be just a little to big still ;o)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Wonderful week

Quinn and I spent this past week with my dad's family in Pennsylvania. It was crazy and really nice. Quinn got to meet more of his great grandparents. Lots of great aunts and uncles and cousins.
Great Grandpa Pantalone and Great Uncle Bob (Howie)
Great Grandma Pantalone
He took his first trip to the zoo.
Unfortunately he slept through most of it. But I enjoyed it.
He was fascinated by what he saw when he was awake.
He wasn't sure what to make of petting the deer.
The polar bear tried to steal him.
But we got him back and went to a BBQ at my aunts house.
Great Aunt Andi and Great Uncle John.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Our new trick

I'm not really sure what to say about this. It's cute and our most recent trick. Enjoy.