Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On a lighter note....

Thank you so much everyone for your support and encouragement. It means so much to us to hear from you all.

Quinn doesn't have a lot of words yet. But he does love noises. Here's a little demo.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We could use some prayers again

OK, I guess it's about time for a medical update on Quinn. I haven't really talked about this with many people because we don't have real answers right now and we don't want to concern people, but we would appreciate some more prayers for Quinn. He is going in for his next round of stents and angioplasty on the 30th. But we are not sure if that is going to be the procedure he'll actually end up having. At Quinn's last cardiology appointment we found out that there is a POSSIBILITY that the doctors might not be able to dilate his arteries again. There is a feeling from the doctors that his arteries may not have enough elasticity left in them. If this is the case we will be facing a surgery where they cut his chest open again, cut open his pulmonary artery, and add material to the artery therefor stretching the artery physically instead of mechanically. Unfortunately, we won't know the final decision until he is actually in the operating room and the doctor is able to evaluate the arteries. I know what is meant to be will be, please just pray that whichever procedure we end up with it goes smoothly and with no complications. OK, thanks everyone.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rock Band

Oh, we've fallen prey to rock band. Ourselves, our friends, and our family just can't get enough of it. Even Quinn loves it.

He wants to help his daddy play all the time. I think my son is going to be a rocker. The more hard core the song, the more he dances. Oh well, as long as he's a good kid I won't mind the music he plays .... I hope.

A Tio Gordon

He still likes ......

Quinn still really likes;


Sweeping Sam,

(Even if he does think the best way to sweep is sitting down),

And books. I love the fact that he likes books sooooo much. We read everyday, and when he's upset I can tell him to bring me a book and he'll do it AND calm down as we read. It's really nice to have a tried and true method of calming your kid. Although now that I've said that I'm in trouble.

Vacation to PA

So, the weekend of June 21st we went to Pennsylvania to visit my dad's family.

There was a lot of sleeping.

He was swinging with me and just fell asleep. I couldn't believe it.

And a lot of relaxing.

And playing. Quinn saw Auntie do and though it looked like such fun.

He had to try. I think Auntie has more photos. Maybe she'll send them. We visited with lots of family and even went to the zoo. Fun was had by all. And it was really nice to see my dad's family again.

Romp 'n Stomp

Quinn has been doing romp n stomp at the YMCA for a couple of months. This was supposed to be a bye bye post. However, I took so long to post it that it's more of a welcome back since it's starting again on Tuesday. It's really silly of me, but I didn't get a lot of action photos. I did get some of the things he likes.

Quinn is really into stacking things these days.

I did help him with this one a little.

He really loves the seesaw. What he does is sit in the middle and rock back and forth so there's no need for anyone else.

He loves to climb all over this stuff. There's also a slide made out of those cushions that he loves to slide down.

I'll try to get better pictures on Tuesday.

Staying sane

I would just like to start off by saying how nice it was to see so many familiar friends in the comments section of our last post. Thank you so much for the constant support. We hope you and your families are all doing well. We really appreciate everyone that is still following us.

OK, so sometimes people ask me how we deal with all of Quinn's adventures. Most people who know Dan and I know we can be incredibly goofy. Well, I'll let you all in on a little secret. That's how we get through these "adventures" as we call them. Here are some prime examples.
We've even got Quinn making faces.

OK, I'll stop this sillyness now. Take care, there will be lots more posting to come.