Sunday, August 14, 2011

River Glow

Finally, after living in the area for almost 10 years, we made it to river glow.

The kids have been obsessed with bubble making toys lately. My mother-in-law has brought about 5 different types to the house in the last month.

Look at the joy.

He's totally in his element spraying bubbles all over these kids. They were loving it too!

Wes on the other hand .... well, he had a much better time when I took him out of the stroller.

They finally lit the fires about 45 mins late. But the whole thing was really pretty.

My boys.

Beach day

It's such a sad thing that we live so close to the beach and we so rarely go. My friend Steph has been visiting a lot off and on for the past couple of weeks and luckily got us out to the ocean.
Here is Wes's first trip to the beach ever.

And here is Quinn's first trip for the year.

Wesley's first taste of sand :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wholly crazy 2 weeks

So Wes has had an intense developmental period. Between the day he turned 7 months old and when he turned 7 1/2 months he's figured out a lot of things.
But first, the day he turned 7 months his first tooth (bottom right) cut through followed about a week later by the one on the left.

He is wearing cloths size 18 months (although that happened before he hit 7 months).

This outfit is size 12 months but I loved it so I wanted to make sure he wore it at least once before he outgrew it. Seems he liked wearing it!

Finally, he started sitting up on his own at the beginning of August followed less than a week later by crawling. The video below is some early crawling. Interestingly enough, he crawls like Quinn did. I think I've come to the conclusion that they crawled that way so they were always ready to sit the second they wanted to.

And then to top it all off, he started cruising. The kid is crazy. Slow down my sweet, I'm already proud of you. Take your time.

Miscellaneous photos

Again, just some pictures I liked.

He's getting so old!

Quinn at the aquarium with Grandma

The kids being sandwiches out by the pool.

The picture Quinn drew for me for my birthday.

I'm not sure why Wes thought this was soo funny, but it's sweet and I hope you like it.

Tory's birthday

Quinn went to a friend from schools birthday (July 23rd).
They had a guy who brought a whole bunch of animals.

Very nice.

Poor thing couldn't go swimming though due to a burn he got on his ankle the weekend before.

But he still had a good time.

Monkey Joes

After the reunion in PA, Dan and I headed down to NC to visit with his dad and my friends Shawn and Kelly, and Caroline and Craig. While we visited Shawn and Kelly we finally made it to Monkey Joe's. The pictures I took didn't turn out so well, but Shawn took a ton I'm hoping he'll have time to post and then I'll grab them.

Here are Lily and Quinn during and after Monkey Joe's.