Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back up camera

Too bad that we keep losing our camera, but I did get a few poor quality pics of Quinns birthday with my cell phone. It was a great turnout of friends and family. Our tenant and resident chef Marshall whipped up quite a well recieved feast. The kind of food thats so good people kept eating well after they were full.

In my opinion Quinn has a lot of toys (not that I have room to talk). But he does such a good job of picking up after himself, and sharing his toys with others, I don't worry about him being spoiled. This was his first unassisted gift opening experience.

At two years old I couldn't be more proud of how he is. Since he started daycare and is around other children, he has been talking a lot. His sentences and vocabulary far exceed what he is able to pronounce, so I do a lot of nodding when he tells me things and repeat back the key words I can pick up.

I also recently got to meet my niece and see my sister who visited from Washington. Quinn has made me forget how much infants don't support their own weight and don't move around. I picked her up and her head almost rolled off her shoulders. Oops!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy late birthday my love

How terrible. We were so busy yesterday with birthday plans I never wrote you a birthday message. And even worse, I was never able to find the camera yesterday, so no pictures. Auntie Karra took some video, so maybe at some point we'll be able to use that.

Quinn, you are by far the best thing that has every happened to me. You are such a sweet boy. You still like to cuddle, thank God. You say please and thank you to everything. More thank you than please, but we're getting there. You are really good at picking up your toys. You are just blossoming at your daycare. You are talking so much now, and they love how you sing yourself to sleep at nap time. You talk about Shelby the dog from daycare all week long. You also talk about and ask for your Uncle Joes through out the week. You like the colors blue and purple. You really like cars and balls. You can even hit a ball occasionally, when I throw it just right and hit your bat with it :). You still love to dance, you love arts, and love music. You absolutely adore your daddy. The easiest way to get you to leave daycare, which is sometimes hard, is to say we're going to go home and see daddy. You love Dora and Diego, sigh, I let him watch television now. You are such an easy little boy. Daycare says we should have eight more kids, but I'm convinced that since you are so good the next one would be a terror. I guess we'll find out someday. I love you my boy. I can't wait for your next year.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Major Update

Sorry it's been so long. I've been absolutely crazy. Dan has been working night shifts for over a month (5p-7a) and so I've really been relying a lot on my mom and sisters to get any work done for school and any free time that I have (hahahaha, free time). Anyway, school is really good, I love it, and I'm learning a lot of interesting things. I miss Quinn soooo much, but he really seems to love his daycare. So that's a weight off my mind. In other news, my daycare helped me potty train him. So, the boy is all potty trained. It's really nice not having to throw away so many diapers. Medically he's doing really really well right now. OK, on with the post.

So Quinn went out for his first election today!!! We hit the poles at just the right time, luckily there was no line or I might have regretted my decision to bring him. As it was, he did really well.

Since I had the day off to go vote we did lots and lots of long overdue playing. We went to Tia Sarah's and played in the leaves.

Oh what fun.

Then we went to stay and play in old saybrook, and did lots of climbing and playing. And then we went to my mom's (which I have no pictures from) and played some more. Weeeeeee.

This was last weekend. There is lots of fun to be had under a sheet.

Grandpa came for a visit and Quinn just couldn't get enough of him.

Look at the smiles.

On to Halloween. Look at that happy grandpa.

Three of the cousins ready to trick-or-treat.

They're watching a train go by.

Karra's husband went as a stormtrooper and Quinn decided to borrow his helmet for this picture.

We carved the pumpkin to match the costume.

Enjoy, this will be a nice little laugh.