Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quinn turns 3!!

Quinn's birthday was quite and event this year. We actually had a kids party before the family Thanksgiving instead of doing his birthday and Thanksgiving combined. What a blast. We started off the day playing with balloons, completely unplanned but effective. It kept all the kids busy until everyone arrived.

After balloons we eat. Since it was a Kung Fu Panda theme I ordered noodles and dumplings. I wrote each child's name in Chinese on tags and on place mats and made them all match the characters to find where they were sitting.

After eating the kids ran through an obstacle course I set up in the playroom. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of it, but they loved it. They started out by running around three paper towel rolls, then crawling under a table that had balloons attached to the underside. Then they jumped jumped back and forth into six different hoops, jumped over a pool, and karate chopped a Styrofoam board (again keeping with the Kung Fu theme).

Then we made Chinese lanterns. I figured why not throw some arts and crafts in there.

After arts and crafts we did some pin the noodle bowl on Po the Panda.

They broke a Po pinata

And then cake and presents.

What a perfect day.

To my dearest Quinn,

I want you to know that you are the light and love of my life. You have such a proud mother. You are such a kind and gentle boy. You have such wonderful manners and you listen soooo well. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you in my life, but I am grateful for you and always will be. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for you. I will never forget what a miracle you are, and I hope you never do either. Do wonderful things with your life, I truly believe you were meant to.

You are such a joy. You laugh so easily, and try to make us laugh as well, especially when you are in trouble. You are very laid back and calm. You are so aware of emotions, it never fails to surprise me. You always ask, "Are you happy mommy?" and you constantly talk about family. You love group hugs with your daddy and I and most of the time you will say, "We are family."

You are such a chatterbox lately. You talk about everything you've done, seen, and experienced that you can remember. And I am amazed by the things you remember and how far back your memory goes. You sometimes talk about things that happened a year ago. You certainly don't have my memory. I hope that lasts too. You love to say, "Do you remember when ....." even when the thing you are asking about just happened.

I love you as a little boy. You are so cuddly and loving. You like to be very close to the people you love and want to be interacting with people all the time. I will miss the little pats on our backs you always give us when you hug us. Your tiny little hands are so comforting. I will also miss you saying restornaut instead of restaurant. It's the only word I never tried to help you correct. Just after you turned three you corrected yourself. I'm glad you did, but like I said, I will miss it.

You are loved by so many people. And a blessing and a joy to be around. I love you my son, no matter what.

Your Mother

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Long overdue Halloween pictures.

Sorry this took so long. Here are pictures from Halloween.
As you can see, my little man was an elephant.
Luckily we got a picture with all five of the grand kids. Quinn was very obliging in holding Mila in place. She kept walking away.
Here are all the costumed people.
A close up of my elephant.
I wanted you to be able to see the tail. I can't get over how cute the whole outfit was. And it could probably be used as a snowsuit :).
Here is Auntie taking Quinn around. You can see Mary, Auntie Kristin, and Grandma Joanne to the side.
And to finish the Halloween experience, Maki and Quinn walked hand in hand for a while.

So sweet.