Thursday, March 24, 2011

Much delayed posting

This is a much delayed daddy's home post. Welcome home daddy. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures at the airport. Due to much traffic and an accident on the highway we got to the airport after Dan. Because of this we did a really quick curbside pick up. But Quinn was over joyed to see him and just kept telling Dan, "Now that you are home we are a family again."! He talked Dan's ear off the whole hour and a half ride home.
Here's daddy's face finally united with the boys.

Quinn showing Dan the calender when we got home.

Quinn getting some much awaited cuddle time with Daddy.

Check out those eyes! Quinn took these pictures.

Wesley was all about his tongue today. Not sure what's going on there, I think he may be teething? The spots where his bottom two teeth will come in is getting kind of white, he has started drooling (as seen above), and chewing a bit more. Who knows. I guess we'll see.

Wesley rolled over from front to back at home on the 19th and then again on the 21st at daycare. Yay Wesley!

Can anyone tell me who this kid looks like??? Oh well, no matter who he does or doesn't look like, we love him. He is a really sweet baby. And sooo good. He's been sleeping for about 6-8hrs a night since a little before 2 1/2 months. Very nice.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hair, there, and everywhere

So this post is mostly about my hair cut, but I have cleverly disguised it as a post about the kids!!!

Here is Quinn playing with his bat cave from grandpa Alan.

Quinn is full on into superheros!!

I finally got a picture of Wesley sucking his thumb.

Quinn going out for a walk with Grandma.
Do you think I've over done it a bit. While bundling him up I felt like I was sending him out into the snow. I do think it was a bit of over kill, however it is still really cold.

Grandma and two of the grand kids, Wesley was sleeping and I was getting my hair done.
Three of the current grand kids with one on the way.

Quinn and Haley.

Haley and Wesley really seem to love Quinn.

You can't see it here, but Quinn gets tons of smiles from both of them. Wesley can't stops staring at Quinn.

OK, so here's Quinn and I playing around, but really here's my hair cut.
Fun fun


And Wesley (again ..... my hair).

This one is about Wesley!!! Hello blue eyes.
Finally, we had a doctors appointment for Wesley on Friday. His pediatrician is very happy with his progress. He's able to support his own head when lifted up from a laying down position. He is "grabbing" for objects he wants, more like swatting at them I guess. Sometimes he can actually hold/grasp/clutch them. He is a very sweet baby. He really only fusses when he's tired or hungry, other than that he is very relaxed. He continues to be in the upper percentiles. His height and weight are both in the 95th percentile.
Weight- 15 lbs 1 oz
Height - 25 inchs
Way to go Wesley, keep it up. We love you sweetheart.