Sunday, May 07, 2006

A bet

OK, I think it's a bit delayed but, apparently moody and emotional have arrived. I got a little cranky this past weekend. I'm not sure if it was just a bit of a hot topic for me or if I'm really getting moody. We'll see, but I definitely get cranky when I'm hungry... sorry everyone and I am now crying over the end of homeward bound. Yeah, umm, ok this should be interesting. I guess Dan has had it pretty easy up until now. So, now for the title of this post. I think this baby is going to be a girl. I've been occasionally calling it she and I had a very vivid dream about "her" the other night. I dreamed that she was born at 20 weeks at a full term weight, hight, and development with big blue eyes. However, since she was born early I didn't have anything. Anyway, it was a funny/odd dream. All I know is I need to be careful because I've really started thinking of the baby as a girl and if it's not, we might have some problems, I guess we'll find out in 9 weeks.

P.S. The Chinese lunar calender says it's a boy!!!!!

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K & S said...

The lunar calendar was right about Lily...