Thursday, February 07, 2008

Major posting to do

OK, so I obviously have some major posting to do. Quinn is becoming more like mommy everyday. Those of you who know me know I can pick things up with my feet. Quinn has started playing things with his feet. See the connection. Anyway, moving on.

Apparently Quinn and the cat have come to some kind of accord. Although Quinn does look a little bored in this picture.

And now, so does the cat.

Today Quinn and I were playing the xylophone, and I kept telling him xylophone. All of a sudden Quinn goes over to the bookshelf and pulls out one of his books and flips to ... what else?!?!? A xylophone.

This is the one we were playing with.

This is the picture in the book.

Pretty good I thought. I hope everyone is doing well.


Dad said...

He's a smart little cookie. I didn't learn what a xylophone was until I was much older. What an outstanding haircut he has by the way. See you guys when I get back.

Katie said...

Hi Steph. Been thinking about you guys a lot. This is such a great age for the boys to play together :( ! Quinn looks amazing. Hope Mom is well too.

Anonymous said...

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