Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vacation Fun

I'll finish this post tomorrow, it's just been so long since I posted last, I wanted to get some pictures up.
Well this is dad jumping in and finishing up this update. I get kind of sad that this blog can't get updated as much as we want. I check it often to see if the wife has worked on it. I'm Quinn's biggest fan. And even though I see him every day, I like seeing this blog updated for the rest of the folks like to check in on him. I had about a week off from work as I just took another new job at a nuclear power station. Kind of like a homer simpson job. But I am finaly making the kind of money that will get my family into a decent house here in the expensive northeast . Better pay, better hours (most of the time), and I'm pretty happy about that. I'll get to be the kind of dad who makes it to all his son's plays and sporting events etc. I think that with me in this career, and Steph finishing her PhD, we will have to make conscious efforts not to let Quinn become too spoiled. He already has cooler toys than I had growing up.
These pics are from a recent trip I took with my family to see Quinn's grandparents in VA. I drove over night both directions so the wife and kid could sleep. He only got fussy on the drive home, and would only calm down when I played elvis presley music. Hmm, could have been worse, I like elvis.

So pop and Kim got a little peek at what fun it is being around Quinn each day.

Nice having your own harley at that age.

Took trips to a nice board walk/park.

Aquarium trip...

And of course relaxing at the marina.

Quinn the perspective captain getting some UI time.

Forward berthing health and comfort inspection.

We all had an awsome time pop. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Still as handsome as ever!! He looks great on that bike and driving that boat! He looks like a very happy, healthy little boy.

Love Erin

Anonymous said...

So many smiles!!! Looks like quite the adventurer!!! I love you Quinn.

Auntie Karra

A&J Bariso said...

Hi Steph,
We hope you had a great mother's day. Quinn looks so cute.
We hope all is well

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Quinn, you are getting so big. Looks like you are having lots of fun just like little boys should.

Pop said... what happened to, "I'll finish this post tomorrow"?????

Steph and Dan said...

Thank you for your help love. I just can't seem to get anything done lately.

Pop said...


You are tops in everyone's book.

Pop and Kim