Thursday, June 04, 2009


I have to do what Kelly does and start writing down things Quinn says. I keep saying to myself, I love that Quinn does that, I will remember that forever. Which never happens. Inevitably the memory is replaced by the next cute thing and out goes the old memory. I don't know where he picks up half these phrases but I would like to be able to look back on them. So, here goes.

Mommy - Quinn where are your pants ... Quinn - I have NO idea

I was watching Quinn counting the loose change on the counter and I hear him say to himself .... I have two dollars.

Quinn - mommy where are your sunglasses .... Mommy - I don't have any right now. I have to go buy a pair ... Quinn - go to store mommy, I buy them for you. Wow love, thanks.

Quinn - Mommy what you doing.. Mommy - I'm driving my son around and singing a song I really like from my childhood. What are you doing. Quinn - I'm just growing up. Sigh, yes you are my love. Not too fast though, OK.

Quinn, Dan, and I were relaxing in our bed the other night and he sticks his arms under our necks and says - I love everybody. Well my sweet love we love you too.

So I need to staple the camera to my head. It has gone MIA. Sigh, I have really cute swimming in the pool pictures from Sunday. I hope I find it soon.

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Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffrey said...

We absolutely love Quinnisms!!! We will have to help and remember some that he says to us. He does have some really wonderful and loving sayings. We love you Quinn and will see you soon!!