Saturday, October 03, 2009

Staring the grandchildren

So I found this tent on sale at w*lmart and just couldn't resist. Our toys are barely age appropriate anymore so I'm trying to get more things that promote creative play. I'm not really sure of the best things to get for three and four year olds.
Here's daddy and Quinn playing together.


OK, so on to the grandchildren.

Here's our latest addition, at three months old.

A little smile for Auntie.


Miss Mila eating some lunch. She's visiting with grandpa right now.

Mr. Quinn himself.

I love this picture!! Happy Maki.

The saddest Mary you ever did see, on to ......

the happiest Mary!!

And finishing with Maki.


Kristin said...

Great pictures, Steph - thanks for sharing! I'm so so so very glad these kids are growing up together. I hope some day they realize how lucky they are. Love 'em all to pieces!

Anonymous said...

Although I have yet to meet bobo Mary, bobo Mila, wujol Quinn, and wujol Joey, i love them all to pieces:)

Nohno Mer

Kristin said...

They would love you too, Nohno Mer!