Friday, December 04, 2009

Florida trip

A few weeks ago my wife booked a spontaneous trip to Orlando FL. It's probably a little early for Quinn to make memories, he just turned three. But we had a use it or lose it week of timeshare to use up so off we went.

First day down we got some real good rain. Our trip includes tickets to sea world and Disney world, so we're not going to let the weather stop us. First day is sea world.

Not a single ride available for the young man.

I decided not to bring a stroller against Stephs recommendation, but I was having second thoughts as the hours went by.
Theme parks in the rain are not crowded at all. It was like a private showing.
And at the resort, we had the pool and hot tub to ourselves, obviously.

Quinn photo'd us here.
Hoping the weather does let up. Disney world probably won't be as convenient with heavy rain, but we are managing to have a good relaxing time. Quinn is loving the adventure, but he is also asking for his own bed back home. Hope everyone is doing well.


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Enjoy looks like a blast. Even in the rain.

Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffrey said...

Oh my goodness!!! I cannot wipe the smile off my face reading this blog and looking at the photos. Dan, this is awesome, thank you!!! I can't wait to see more. You all look like you are enjoying your time and the photo taken by Quinn is a job well done. I love you all so much!! Say hi to Mickey for Uncle Jeffrey!!
Love you!