Sunday, June 27, 2010

Annual pool party

This past Thursday we had Quinn's annual end of the year school party at our house. It's the second annual pool party to be precise. After the party ended, it hit me, we could potentially have 6 more of these between Quinn and the new baby going to the same school. I'm really excited by that thought.

So as you can see there were a ton of kids, teens/tweens, and parents.

Just about all of the kids from his school came, and fun was had by all.

Even the parents!!! Which is really nice. We have a very unique pool. The shallow end is 3ft and the deep end is 4ft, so it's the perfect kid pool and a very relaxing parent pool.

Mary joined us,

and so did Joey.

And of course here is the boy himself.

He actually asked to have a party for all of his friends this year. I was really proud of him for thinking to do this. I hope he continues to be considerate of others.

And finally a quick pregnancy update. I have not had a lot of time to blog over the last couple months, but I don't want to neglect talking about this poor baby before its born. So, pregnancy number two has already started out pretty different from Quinn. Number 1, and I think I mentioned this already, this baby was much more planned than Quinn, and number 2, unlike with Quinn, I knew before I even missed my period I was pregnant. For a couple of days before it was due to come I felt like I had the flu, not full on awful flu, but I was achy and disconnected. For the first three months I had that low level nausea, but as long as I had food in my stomach I was all good (thus the 20 pounds I gained in the first three months, sigh). I've also been a little more tired with this one, however, the PhD program is much more intense than the masters program, and of course I have Quinn, so it's not like I can just nap whenever I want to. All this being said, this pregnancy has been good as well, nothing compares to the dream pregnancy I had with Quinn, however I can't complain about this one either. Like I said, as long as I ate I felt good, and I feel really good now. So, so far good and different, which I'm hoping means that everything is going well with this baby. We will find out on the 24th how everything is going. We have a level two ultrasound and fetal echo cardiogram scheduled that will show us in detail all of the inner workings of this baby. So......I'll keep you all posted. And at some point I will put up pictures of my already huge belly, another sigh!!! :)


Momma and daddy Krug said...

Quinn, is just a thoughtfully handsome young lad!!! I will second that he is super thoughtful of others! I love the party pics and love baby #2 update. Can't wait to hear more!!!
Auntie and Uncle Jeffrey

Kristin said...

Mary, Joey and I had such a good time. Thank you, Quinn, for inviting us to come play with your other friends!

Auntie Kristin

Perry said...

Ok so you know that they say a healthy pregnancy is when you feel sick. SO DON"T KNOCK IT! This is actually not a myth. I can't wait to see the photos and I am sure you will lose the weight like you did last time ( maybe a little less peanut butter/cream cheese and pretzels) lol I actually miss the dipping. I am very excited and am so glad that Quinn is doing so well and is such a considerate friend. Miss you guys give him a hug and one for yourself from me.

Bariso said...

We are sooo happy for you guys.
Glad to hear you are doing well with baby # 2, and we hope you get happy news on the 24th.
Having 2 is a whole different ball game. A lot more work, but we LOVE it.
Keep us posted
Alex, Jess, Izzy and Austin.

PS love the play mate too!!

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

I love Quinn wanting to have a party. Steph he will be considerate of others look at his role models:)