Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zoo day

Quinn and I went to the zoo on Friday. It was the perfect day. It was a little rainy, so it was cool and overcast. Very nice for a pregnant lady.

There was this little section in front of the crane pen that was rocky like this. Quinn spent a lot of time here. Luckily it was small so I didn't have to chase him all over.

He really liked the seals.

I don't know if anyone remembers that we went to the zoo last year with Dan's sister and niece. Well, there was a story in that post that mentioned the fact that we were no where near a bathroom, when all of a sudden Quinn told me he had to go to the bathroom. I had no idea what to do, I knew we weren't going to make it to the bathroom. Next thing I know, he dropped trow and started peeing right in the middle of the exhibit. Well, this is a picture of the spot.

Hello everyone.

In other news, we are having another boy and according to the ultrasound, the baby looks very healthy!!!!!! Yayayayayayay!!!!! It's funny, with Quinn I used to wonder who he would look like more, Dan or I. But with this one, I've just been wondering how much he'll look like Quinn. It's funny how things work the second time around.


Momma and daddy Krug said...

Looks like Quinn had a great time at the zoo. Little man, you are growing up quite nicely and getting big!! We love you. And congratulations on being on the road to being a big brother. Steph and Dan, we are so happy he is healthy!! Can't wait to meet him.
Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffrey

Dad said...

Fantastic updates momma. These posts of Quinn as an only child are numbered now. Wohoo!