Friday, February 25, 2011

The Daddy Calendar

So Dan is off to Wisconsin for a few weeks. We will miss you love. Take care and come back soon.
Here's Quinn bringing daddy to the airport. He looks like such a big boy, sigh.
"Good bye daddy, we will miss you so much." Quinn loves spending time with Dan and really misses him when he doesn't see him even for a couple of days. I wonder how this is going to go.
When we were in the military I used to watch the moms do all sorts of creative things for their kids to help them figure out how long the dads were going to be gone and to make them feel better about their dads being gone. So, I borrowed a couple of ideas and I'm putting them to the test.

Behold, the daddy calendar. Every day we move the stick with daddy's head toward the picture of Wesley and Quinn. When everyone is on the same day we will go pick up daddy.

Of course my scrambled lack of sleep mommy brain put 31 days in Feb, sigh, I tried to fix it.
I love his bald little head, but Wesley is starting to get his real hair in, and you know it's still pretty light. I guess we will see what time does.

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Momma and daddy Krug said...

We love the "Daddy Calendar" idea!! You guys did a great job!!