Thursday, March 24, 2011

Much delayed posting

This is a much delayed daddy's home post. Welcome home daddy. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures at the airport. Due to much traffic and an accident on the highway we got to the airport after Dan. Because of this we did a really quick curbside pick up. But Quinn was over joyed to see him and just kept telling Dan, "Now that you are home we are a family again."! He talked Dan's ear off the whole hour and a half ride home.
Here's daddy's face finally united with the boys.

Quinn showing Dan the calender when we got home.

Quinn getting some much awaited cuddle time with Daddy.

Check out those eyes! Quinn took these pictures.

Wesley was all about his tongue today. Not sure what's going on there, I think he may be teething? The spots where his bottom two teeth will come in is getting kind of white, he has started drooling (as seen above), and chewing a bit more. Who knows. I guess we'll see.

Wesley rolled over from front to back at home on the 19th and then again on the 21st at daycare. Yay Wesley!

Can anyone tell me who this kid looks like??? Oh well, no matter who he does or doesn't look like, we love him. He is a really sweet baby. And sooo good. He's been sleeping for about 6-8hrs a night since a little before 2 1/2 months. Very nice.


Aunt Kristin said...

Ha haaaaaa! I love the tongue! What a silly little boy. Glad Dan made it home safe and sound and you are all together again.

Momma and daddy Krug said...

Love the pics, all of them!! Jeff thinks Wesley looks like his momma!! We love you guys and miss you mucho!

Dad said...

Thanks for the pictures momma! Wes looks fantastic.