Sunday, April 17, 2011

No good title

So we had Sarah's baby shower yesterday. I don't know about Sarah, but I thought my little sister did a great job with it. We are going to be welcoming Sarah and Gordon's daughter Tahirih at the end of May beginning of June.

Here's what she looks like now, about 6 weeks from due date. So why am I the only one in my family who turns into a barn when I'm pregnant, not that I want my sisters to get huge, but...

Anyway, don't tell Sarah I did this, but I'm posting this picture for posterity sake.

I don't think we will ever again see Sarah with a bow on her head as I believe it has only ever happened once before!! OK, on to the boys. Here's Quinn showing Wesley how to play with those pop up toys at grandmas house.

Stopping for a funny face break. Wesley watching Quinn.

Very intently, but yes the eyes do occasionally blink.

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