Thursday, June 22, 2006


Hi everyone,
Sorry it's been so long since my last post. There hasn't been much going on lately and I find that I am just waiting. I've been told that I can expect to start feeling the baby move in the next two or three weeks, which I am of course now constantly searching for. Poor Kristin, I keep saying to her, "Well, I felt something that felt like this.......Could it be the baby." She's been so good about it. She keeps assuring me that I'll know when I feel it. Actually I should mention, everyone has been soo wonderful. Thank you all for your support. Shawn and Kelly were the first to offer cloths and books, which have already come in handy. They're also so encouraging and have been great about keeping up with my progress. Thanks guys, it's so nice to know you're there. Tiffani has also been following along and being very encouraging. You've sent so many comments that I really want to respond to and will once I get your e-mail from my wonderful husband!!!! I'm really glad you like the pictures, I know I'll be really grateful to have them to look back on. The funniest thing is that Dan and I had been talking about the fact that you had New England babies and my first is a Texas baby before I got your comment. I just wanted to be able to tell you that. Kristin has been so wonderful, she gave me all of her maternity close, which is such a help, and is constantly answering my questions, which is even better. My friends and family have been great and VERY interested (Karra), which is fun. OK, so I could obviously go on forever. Thank you all for keeping up with my cite and sending all of your comments. You guys are great. OK, so we have our next routine apt. on the 7th. And then as long as the baby cooperates we'll hopefully accurately find out the sex of the baby on the 20th. Good luck to us. I promise not to wait so long to write again.

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Tiffani said...

Yeah, my name was in the actual post. I feel like such a star now! I want to see your belly... I don't mind lending you my maternity clothes if you'd like. I have mostly medium sized stuff; shorts, tops. Let me know. Okay, I'll be waiting for the pictures of your belly. Our email is