Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Surgeries? What surgeries?

As the days are busy coming and going, Quinn is busy gaining weight, getting stronger, and being a little goomba. He makes being a dad lots of fun.

I use to look at him in the hospital and wonder about all the massive scars he would have to carry around. Especially the one that ran from his neck to his stomach. From the looks of it now, I'm not so sure he'll have any scars whatsoever. Unless he takes after the Marshall boys and makes himself some new ones over the years. I certainly prefer he didn't.

I remember the effort it took to suppress all the fear over the past few months. The waiting and the unpredictability of it all. In the end it has put me at a loss for words. I'm just enjoying being a dad. I gotta thank you Quinn for coming through the way you have.


GoQuinnGo! said...

QUINN!!! HAHA!!! QUINN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quinn - you are too cute, I can't stand it :) I am so happy to hear you are in the arms of your Mom and Dad. What a happy baby!

love Suzanne

Alex and Jessica Bariso said...
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Tracey said...

Keep the pictures coming!! :-D Love happy picture of cute babies!! Yay Quinn!!

Alex and Jessica Bariso said...

WOW, look at those eyes.
I love the pcitures of happy Quinn.
Keep growing and gaining the weight.
Lots of love
Jess B.

The Cisneros Family said...

Mighty Quinn was strong and mighty because that's all he knew. He learned straight from the source that he'll be learning from his entire life- His Mom & Dad! So, when thanking him for coming through this the way he has, step back and pat yourself on the back for handling it the way you did. He was merely mimicking your thoughts and obviously you stayed strong and mighty yourselves! So, not only is it a miracle that you two can bring a child into this world, it's also a miracle how you can keep a child in this world with your strength. Wonderful Wonderful Parents! He is such a beautiful baby! I know the fun your experiencing with him and I feel elated knowing how happy you really are.

Anonymous said...

That smile is so great. Just looking at him makes me happy. Keep growing Quinn. Can't wait to meet you.

Love Erin