Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All moved in

Today Quinn is at 9 pounds 9 ounces. I took these pictures a few hours ago. He is small for his age, but I'm happy to see his progress. I've moved the family into a bigger place and we've mostly settled in. The little man sleeps in a crib in mom and dads room, but he has his own room all set up for when he's older. The new house is freshly remodeled with plenty of room, full basement, attic, and a nice yard. We both liked it and were excited to move in. After years of accumulating stuff as a married couple, we needed the space. We're still renting, but the place will allow us to be patient with the housing market around here.

Quinn is also getting very interactive. He makes noises when he looks at you and reaches out to touch things in front of him. All very normal and average developments for babies his age, but any progress he makes is still pretty gosh darn exciting as far as I'm concerned. And he can roll over too. Just knowing that he's finally getting bigger and stronger with no complications. I pretty much find it a thrill a minute to see. So far, his demeanor is much like his dad's. He smiles a lot, is very engaging and amusing to interact with, and not much bothers him besides gas. All traits that dad either has, or wishes he had.

The little man doesn't go out of his way to perform on camera yet. I took this video and waited for him to either speak or do some manner of his goofy shenanigans. But like usual, he waits for me to do something amusing as well, and in the end we just end up watching and waiting each other out.

No matter. Most of us know that young babies always wait until the camera is off to surprise their parents with anything. Quinn is doing great and is a happy baby. April 4th will be a return trip to Boston children's hospital. He will have his pulmonary artery widened to further improve his hearts efficiency. This will be done with angioplasty. A term that means basically inserting a tube into his vein that will extend to the targeted area, and inflating a balloon inside the artery to expand it. Needless to say, I have healthy level confidence in them folks at Boston children's.


Anonymous said...

Quinn you are growing up right before our eyes. What a strong little man you have become and overcome so much. You go gettem buddy. I love checking your blog to see all you are up to it is a great joy of mine to see your smiling little face.

Erin Carter said...

Thank you Jesus for so many answered prayers. Quinn is a doll and I'm so thankful for his progress. I too love checking the website for his progress. God continue to bless your family.