Friday, January 11, 2008

Sorry honey

Well, Dan has been in Virgina since Sunday. I told him I would try to update the blog every other day for him. Oops ... sorry love. These are the only other pictures I've taken since the cabinet pictures.
Also, I entered Quinn in the Reggis and Kelly beautiful baby contest. I sent in one of his Halloween pictures. Although, I didn't realize until after I did it that the picture was supposed to have been taken with in the past month. So probably we'll be removed from the contest. But if we don't, go vote for Quinn on Feb. 11th. The first place prize is a 125K college fund. Everyone could use one of those. OK, well, I'll keep you posted.


dad said...

I cannot wait to get home and have a big long hug from my little boy. I ove you babe, and thanks for the update.

dad said...

Oh for peters sake. I Love you babe. Not ove.