Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy new years everyone

We hope this year brings you all the best. Dan mentioned that I might be posting photos from Christmas. Well, each Christmas gathering went like this. Did you grab the camera? No, did you? No. Hmm, ok lets remember it next time. So, in other words no Christmas photos. Can you believe it. But we do have these.

I just think he looks too cute in overalls.

"What?" The attitude is already showing. Uh oh.

Too cute.

Mommy and me.

Apparently tangerines are very exciting.

I mean really exciting.

There are those overalls again.

Quinn with his cousin Trey.

Yum, markers.

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Auntie Karra said...

Quinn Lee, you are so stinkin adorable!! And, for the record, for whoever may be wondering or thinking it...I did NOT teach my nephew that look! I love you little man Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!

Auntie Karra