Monday, March 03, 2008

Mommy's first day back to work

So, this is what Quinn, Dan, and I did the day before I went back to work (i.e. yesterday).

We went to a play scape with Dan's family.

And oh what fun we had .... after the billion other screaming children left.

Although they didn't appreciate having to sit still for photo ops.

Mary seems to be the only one that realizes that someones taking a picture.

Alright, fine, you are released.

Even with all the fun, Quinn still craved the outdoors. Hehe, that a boy.

On a side note. Quinn continues to be a little man. We still haven't been able to turn the car seat around (one year/20lb requirement). Meaning he isn't even 20lbs yet, but we are close.

Quinn in a box.

Pop goes the Quinn Lee.
Quinn wanted to be like daddy, all wrapped in a blanket.

Below, Quinn Multi-tasking.

So my first day back to work went just fine. Dan's mom came and watched Quinn. She said they had the best day ever, which just makes me feel so good. My day was fine, it was just orientation so no stress there. So that's it. I'm back to work.


Toby said...

Danielle's little porker is 11 weeks and 13lbs already! Quinn will catch up, his next growth spurt with be amazing I'm sure. He looks like he is so busy all the time with all those great toys. I'll try to get by again soon.. And Dan must be home this time!!!
love ya!

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

I love the Quinn in a box it is so cute. Glad your and Quinns day went well.

Eve said...

Congratulations on the new job!

Oh, Lu is still rear-facing and he's almost 2 years/30 lbs!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dan & Steph, Quinn-in-a-Box is adorable! I think you should market it!! I would absolutely LOVE copies of the photos of the three cousins on the playscape. I'm unable to copy them from the blog - could you and Kristin work out something so she can load them into MaryBear's Snapfish album?!? Priceless! Hope all are feeling well soon... Love, Joanne