Sunday, March 30, 2008

My big green eyes

I realize I've been really bad at writing about what Quinn is up to lately. I've really just been captioning photos. I will try to fix that with this post. Quinn still doesn't talk much. He says Da, ma, dat with pointing (in fact everything is dat. I want dat, what's dat? It's actually a very good all purpose word), and he says hot. That's kind of random, but interesting. If he hears something sizzle on the stove or he sees food smoking, he says hot and he'll blow on food if he can reach it. He sings ahhh into a mic. He does the hokey pokey, well left hand in left hand out and turn yourself about, but the turn yourself about is really cute. He blows kisses, but he keeps his hand in the shape of the sign language word for eat. Hmm, that reminds me; he signs eat, more, and all done, which seems to be all he feels he really needs in life right now. As long as he can eat what he wants when he wants it, life is good. He also shrugs his shoulders and makes the I don't know sound when you ask him something he doesn't know. He growls when he sees a picture of a large animal and mimics the intonation the cat makes when she meows as his way of saying cat. He knows; close/open, in/out, on/off, pick it up, give it to me, bring it too me. He actually understands just about everything we say to him, which is really nice. He has been cleaning up when I ask him to for a couple of months now. And of course daddy taught him high five and give me five. I think that's all that's new from the last couple of months. Oh and of course he shakes his head no.

Hmm, a sandwich with plastic around it. Who would do that?

My friend Andrea and I took our boys swimming at the URI pool yesterday. Dan found this awesome swim suit with a floaty built right into it at goodwill, $1 with the tags still on. It was awesome. Quinn can float in it. However, he preferred that I did not let him go while we were in the water .... unless he was distracted. That's how I found out the floaty would support him in the water :).

We also went to a Saint Patrick's day parade today which I know a lot of you went to. Sorry to everyone we didn't see. I find it really amusing that they have this huge parade so far after Saint Patrick's day.

Quinn kept waving at everyone. Here he is waving at a fire truck. The one right above this picture actually.

This is a terrible picture, I just wanted to show everyone that Quinn's eyes are still green.

I know all little kids love electronics. I don't know what it is about them, but...... Did I ever mention how much Quinn loves my laptop. Look at him. Even if he can barely touch the computer as long as he gets his fingertips on it, he'll find the strength to get it.


Kristin said...

Okay, so in the last post Quinn was IN a plastic bag, and in this post Quinn is EATING a plastic bag. Steph, I think we need to have a chat about child!

Sorry we missed you at the parade, but it looks like Quinn was having a good time. From the picture, I'm guessing you were on Rt 27 across from the takeout Chinese place, right? Oh yeah, I know a thing or two about Mystic. You're impressed, I know.

See you soon! Kisses to Quinn.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I'll openly admit it, the whole sandwich in the plastic thing, sorry, that was me. He didn't want it, so I wrapped it up, then all of a sudden he wanted to unwrap it, but only with his mouth! I thought it was so cute I grabbed the camera and wrapped it back up :) Child safety, hmmmmm :)
Lots of love little man.
Auntie Karra