Friday, June 06, 2008

Getting there

I know I've mentioned in previous posts that at one point Quinn got on the baby growth chart for height and for weight. I don't think that I ever mentioned that that didn't happen simultaneously and neither height or weight stayed on for more than a month. Well, at the last Dr. appointment we had a couple of days ago we found out that he is finally on the charts for both height and weight again. Go Quinn Go.

For the past several months Quinn has been having some trouble swallowing solids. We finally figured out that the surgical site Quinn has in his throat had started to constrict. So, about a month and a half ago we had an esophageal dilation done to open his throat a bit more. Everything went very well with the dilation, his swallowing has been better, and I think it really helped him to start growing more quickly. We are going back again the end of June for a second dilation. Hopefully after this round he'll be able to keep everything down and he can grow even more.

In other news, we are heading back to Boston Children's hospital the end of July for more stents and angioplasty. He's actually done really well considering the initial estimate we got was that we would be back when he was 12-18mths. By the time we go Quinn will be 20mths, so, I'll take it.

I guess every kid knows that this is the way you're really supposed to get up a slide.

I love him in a hat. Too bad he wears them for about a half a second and then takes them off.


Anonymous said...

GO Quinn GO! He does look quite handsome in a hat, if I do say so myself. Good luck in July and keep us posted.

All my love

Anonymous said...

I see Uncle Marsh is already working to corrupt the child.... vroom vroom! Quinn looks magnificent! Mighty, even! The pool should be open next weekend - if the part comes in - feel free to join The Bear and her Mommy for a dip anytime! Love, Mary's Grandmama