Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A day out with grandma and nohno

My mom is a lifetime member of the aquarium near us so the Friday after Christmas she took Quinn and I and Dan's mom to the aquarium.

Life doesn't get any better than having your grandmas all to yourself.

He's looking at a big skate on the bottom just to the left of the middle of the tank. Which of course you can only see by laying on your stomach.

Touch tank. I don't think he ended up touching anything.

Then Saturday we did Christmas at my dads.

Here's Quinn playing under the table.

Here's one of Tia and Quinn playing the piano. Too bad I didn't get one of Grandpa on the floor drawing with Quinn.

It was a very nice dinner, thanks Dad and Jean.

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Anonymous said...

Ps Tio Gogo got one of grandpa coloring on the floor with Quinn!!! You should ask! I love seeing pictures of Quinn :)
Auntie Karra