Sunday, March 08, 2009

Photo update!

So I have a month of cell phone pictures to update this blog with. Pretty lame way to update such a nice blog, once in an entire month, but here is what he's been up to.

Quinn is a happy and active little man. He has been helping me enjoy the good helping of snow dumped on us this year. Without him, winter is just a bunch of extra work and more wear on vehicles.

I have a buddy at work who races go carts, and Quinn got to see the race on a warm and sunny march day.

I took him to see a submarine museum, and he found that pretty amusing.

Once we got onto the actual submarine and went below decks, he was amused for about five minutes. And then started asking to go outside again. I remember thinking the same thing on my first underway during my time on subs

Next to our house there is a nice abandoned rock quarry I've been meaning to see. Quinn and I had our first nature walk. A nice father son day.

Times are good and Quinn is growing fast. If he didn't keep me so busy, I'd probably write in this blog all the time. My father in law recently mentioned that I should write more, referring to the way I updated during Quinns hospital days. Well, I have plenty of excuses as to why I don't write much anymore, but none of it involves a lack of inspiration from Quinn. He has been a gift that keeps on giving, and I find it a profound privilege and purpose to be his father. But at the end of the day, balancing work and play with an energetic toddler dictates how I spend my time. Hope everyone is well.


Pop and Kim said...

Thanks for the great update Dan!

Steph and Dan said...

Honey I just want to tell you what a wonderful father you are. You've been so great with Quinn and helping him have some fun while mommy locks herself in our room night after night to get work done. I love you and I'm really greatful for you. This was a beautiful update.

Your wife

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

What a little man he is growing into. I can see a Go Kart on his list soon.:) Thanks for the update he is perfect with the most wonderful parents to learn from.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing Quinn this past Sunday! I have to say he is growing leaps and bounds! Also he is such a smart, happy, amazing little boy!

Quinn thanks for the hugs and kisses!
Steph and Dan I see how much you love this little boy and it shows!

Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

Quinn, I see you all the time and I think to myself about how handsome you are and that you are growing quickly. But when I look at these pictures, it's like, WHOA!!! He's such a big boy!!! You are so sweet, I love you baby!!! Can't wait to play again soon.

Auntie Karra said...

(Thanks for the lovely update bruda! Stephie, you and Dan are wonderful parents and have raised such a loving boy.)