Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Special Visit

This past week Dan's dad and step mom were visiting, so the grand kids got a lot of quality time with them.

Here are some pictures of the good time had by all.

Here's the end of this ride.

Grandpa luring them in.

The after.

Here's how Grandpa gets on the float.

Pure bliss for grandpa.
Ah heaven.
Here's the latest addition to the family. He does swim with us, just not when things are too rowdy.
Thanks grandpa Alan and grandma Kim, we all had a great time and enjoyed your visit.
In other news, the pregnancy is still going well and I'm feeling good. I of course forgot to put up pictures.

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pop said...

We had a great time. Really got to know the kids. Grandpa had the time of his life!!!