Saturday, August 21, 2010

This week in review

Before I start this post, there are a couple of things about Quinn I want to write down so I don't forget them when the new baby comes. 1. He used to, and sometimes still does, fall asleep and wake up humming or singing. 2. When upset, his eyebrows used to get very red. I used to say he was never going to be able to hide his emotions no matter what kind of a poker face he had. Luckily the eyebrows have since left themselves out of the emotional equation. 3. The weekend Dan and Marshall had their boys weekend this year, Quinn spent Saturday night my mom. When I called him that night to check in with them and say goodnight, Quinn asked me completely unprompted, "Mom will you be OK all by yourself?". Yes my love I most certainly will. But it melts my heart you would even think to ask that. I'm sure there are so many more things I want to remember, but that's what I've come up with for now.

My two favorite boys.

Quinn at his last Gymnastics class for the year.

They normally have a closed door policy, however since this was the last class all the parents got to watch.

So this is the first time I'm officially seeing all these things.

I say officially, because there are little spots around the studio you can peak into.

Forward roll.

It amazes me how strong these kids are. They can hang from those bars forever.

Grandpa Dan watched Quinn on Thursday while I went to a slew of meetings in preparation for going back school.

He took him on his first ever fishing trip.

Quinn actually caught 2 fish. Although, like his mother, my dad said Quinn enjoyed feeding the fish more than catching them. The lake was so clear you could see the fish coming from all over to eat his food, so he just kept dropping it in.

He swims with his eyes open. Kind of neat.

First time working a water pump.

Looks like and sounded like they had a fantastic day. Thanks dad.

Next on our list of adventures for the week was Lake
Comp@unce in CT.

I won the tickets through my radio station. So, we went and made it a Quinn day.
I think it was a hit.

There were a ton of rides parents couldn't go on. So he got several solo adventures.

Luckily the boy just cleared 36 inches, so there were actually a lot of exciting rides he got to go on.

Not all of which he liked at first. He ended up loving this one.

The water park was where it was at for him though.

We spent most of the day here.

Which was good for us also, since we could actually go into them and have a little fun ourselves.

Here's a belly picture for everyone whose been waiting (I did end up posting one bellow a couple of posts ago).

Quinn loved the wave pool. He drank a lot of water, public pool water, yuck. But he loved it.

Finally, a little baby news. Dan finally got to feel the new unnamed addition to our family move (23wks). The little boy gave him a couple of good kicks in the AM hours Friday morning.


Dad said...

I was hoping his glowing red eyebrows when he got upset would subside as he got older, and they did. What a dissadvantage to have your emotions so obvious. Love these pictures babe.

Kristin said...

Awww, in a way I'm really gonna miss those eyebrows.