Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Six months old and a happy birthday!!

The happy birthday part of this message was to me!!! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. OK, on to the important men in this blog. So, Wesley is six months old, however, I am about to put him in 18mth cloths.

At six months old Wesley is sitting, rolling from front to back and back to front, babbling away (vowels and consonants), grabbing what he wants, switching it from hand to hand, eating solids, and is still off the charts for height and 95th percentile for weight. In other words he is doing incredibly well.

The doctor is very pleased and so are we. He is such a sweet baby and his personality is coming through now. He smiles at everyone! He is happy and content most of the time, as long as he's feed and slept. He is a really easy baby. He sleeps so well. He puts himself to sleep and sleeps from 8-5:30 eats and goes back to sleep for a while.

I love you Wesley, happy six months!!

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Momma and daddy Krug said...

Aww, happy birthday to mom and happy 6 months Wesley. You are absolutely handsome and such a sweet heart. We love you!!!

Auntie, Uncle Jeffrey, and The Comet