Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dad gets his kicks

Yes, it was the first I've felt the kid move. I have been waiting patiently to catch him when he was feeling active. I've felt children move in pregnant bellies before, but this was different. When he started kung-fuing my hand I was caught in one of those moments where you think you know what to expect but it's still stuns you a bit. I've spent so much time thinking about this kid, and now he's really letting me know he's coming. I think of him alot because he makes life seem so easy and trivial. I'm talking about days when I feel like some things aren't perfect and maybe the ball is not always in my court on every single issue. It's all becomes easy and trivial. This kid has been giving me strength since the day I knew it existed. How lucky am I to have nothing but good news everytime I hear about the baby. It's healthy, 10 fingers, 10 toes, and...IT'S A SON!!! Of course a daughter would be great, but right or wrong, the instant I found out he was a boy, I felt like a father with wisdom and advice rather than a lot of wonder. That probably is a meaningless statement, but I'm taking whatever facts I can to build my confidence in fatherhood. And for me, a boy means I have wisdom, and tons of great advice. I also want to let everyone know I appreciate the support you've been showing for Steph and sharing her excitement. I love you all for it. My idea of showing excitement might not always be in tune with what she's feeling and I think you guys really help. I will let you all know that before the baby is born I am due to travel to Columbia for work. And I am grateful she will have such great friends and family supporting her. And one more thing, belly pics to follow.


Jess said...

Dan, it's good to hear your voice in this. It makes me wish I could be there with you to share your excitement. But everything seems to be going really well and hopefully I'll talk to you for real again sometime soon!

KILROY_60 said...

It seems like a lifetime since we traded blog comments.

Of course, in the little guy's life a month and a half is a large portion of life.

So pleased to find that things are going well with the three of you. Wishing you all good health and much happiness.

As you have an opportunity, perhaps you would return to Fear And Loathing In The Blogosphere.

Will you be keeping the blog up and running or will it close down upon arrival? If you plan to continue, maybe we could do a link exchange?

I will look forward to hear from you.