Monday, August 28, 2006

Belly is still growing

Usually we seem to take turns updating this, but since I like to feel helpful I'll just take the innitiative. Besides, it's the least I can do. I still love the support everyone is giving for Steph. I think she looks great. I'm trying to convince her to stop calling herself a duck. She thinks she looks like one. Even if she had webbed feet and feathers, she'd look more like a swan I think.

Thanks for the Pete suggestion, but you bring up an excellent point about peeing on the carpet. And I don't have any cowboy jerseys for the little man but I'm sure he could make one look good and probably play for their team. Still no name for the kid. Maybe thats because we're having too much fun contemplating one. Steph and I miss all of you and hope everythings good. Also, I will add that I have come to learn much about pregnancies that I never realized. Since babies are born every second of the day I use to think there just couldn't be that much to it. It's nature. Well, the more I learn about pregnancies, the dumber the look on my face becomes. I'll be fine. I'm pretty sure. But it's a little eye opening to realize how clueless I was and not even aware that I needed to get a clue. Those are the worst kind of idiots. But so far, I think things seem to be going pretty well.


Kristin said...

Steph, you look awesome! Go Belly, Go!!!

Aimee said...

Steph, you look great! I can't wait to see you this weekend and say hello to the little boy in your belly!

By the way, I still think Cole would be a great name. :)

Love you,

Jess said...

Hey, thanks for the update! I was in withdrawl. Steph, I can't believe how cute you look! I wish I was there. I'm jealous that you and Aimee will get to spend time together, but I hope you know I'll be there in spirit!
Dan, you're going to do great--you're heart's in the right place so you can't go wrong!

K & S said...

Steph, you are SUCH a cute momma-to-be! Hope you're still feeling good. The next couple of months will fly by, but the last one seems to drag on forever... Still, Baby Boy Marshall will be here before you know it! So enjoy this time.

Tiffani said...

I still can't believe ya'll are going to have a baby. Your belly is so cute! Thanks for the update, we miss you guys! I'm thinking about making and sending your little boy a Cowboy's jersey. It would only be appropriate since that would be the team he would play for, isn't that what you said? Good Luck Patriots, we'll be thinking of you and watching your team lose! Be sure and watch ours k? P.S.- Pass that info on to Joe and Kristin.