Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Awaited update

Life is still busy for us but thats no excuse for not updating this enough for all of my wifes caring friends and family. I will accept all the blame for not doing it because Steph is still going to school and is probably more tired than I am when she's home. I know that this blog is how some of you feel kept up to speed with Stephs pregnancy, and I assure you that things are still in full swing. In fact, she is getting moody finaly and shorter on patience. Her belly is even bigger and I will put pictures of it up shortly. But overall she is still happy and smiles a lot. I am very anxious for this boy to come. I literally speak to him every morning. Steph is still in bed half asleep when I leave for work. Steph gives me the one eye open kiss goodbye and then she lifts the covers and asks me to talk to the baby. I tell her belly goodbye, and be good for mamma, and have a fun day. But it seems a little comical talking to a pregnant belly everyday. I'm excited for him to get here. We were at a wedding last weekend and here's a couple pics.

I had my wife dancing all over the dance floor with her pregnant belly. She looked fantastic and had a blast. Thank you all for checking this and caring about Steph. We are in a situation where work will be requiring me to leave the country at a very inopportune time. Steph is doing her best not to be too upset but it sucks. I am in the midst of trying to find a solution that doesn't entail quitting my job when a baby is coming. I was going to Thailand but those plans are off the list for now. It will be Columbia and San Diego. From October to late December. I will keep you guys posted. I will be pretty much beside myself if this doesn't work out.


Kristin said...

This really goes without saying, Dan, but be assured that Steph and the baby will be well cared for if you have to go away. In fact, I'll bet that Steph will get tired of us all checking in on her. Whatever happens, know that we'll all do anything and everything possible to make the time go smoothly and quickly for you all. We love you.

Aimee said...

I'm going to back up what kristin said. If you do have to leave, Steph will have so much love and support she will wish us all to go away and leave her alone. And even if you can't be standing there next to her, you will still be closer to her than anyone. But I'm sure this will all work out, have no fear. Just trust that everything will be as is should.


Karra said...

All right, I'm third in line on the former statements. I am sorry I am not nearly as close as I want to be to all of you, but I've got a phone and I can check in on Stephie too!! Thanks for taking care of my seestor, I love you broda. You keep her happy and it's fun to watch (well, get updates anyway). I miss and love all three of you. Haha, I like the morning belly talk, keep it up! You should do a recording if you have to go, that way Stephie can play it every morning.
Lots of love!