Monday, September 04, 2006

Baby Shower

Hey everyone, ok, so here is a much awaited post from the mom-to-be. Sorry it's been so long. My little son seems to be doing very well, which I'm grateful for. His movements are less vigorous now, as he gets bigger there is less room for him to wined up and really whack me. For a while I thought he was going to try to wiggle and kick his way right out of my body alien style. My favorite moments are the times when Dan and I get to sit together just feeling the baby move. It's like we're already a family (I guess we are really). OK, so the baby shower was wonderful. I am so grateful to everyone who came to celebrate with us or was there in spirit. There were so many people who showed their support and love I'm amazed. I think we may have had as many people at the shower as we did at our wedding. I just can't tell you how amazing it felt to have everyone there.

OK, so here are some pictures.
The shower took place at my moms house. I owe her a big thank you. I was worried about space but it turned out really well, thing always seem to work out somehow. There was so much food, thank you to everyone who brought something. I tried not to put pictures of individual gifts we received so that no one would feel left out, but we received so many wonderful things. Dan was amazed at all the onesies and receiving blankets. It hasn't quite registered with him how many of them we are going to need. I think he thinks there were too many, he'll find out soon enough.

Dan did so well, he stuck around through the whole party. I thought he might sneak away with the other guys half way through, but he didn't. I wouldn't have blamed him if he had, but he was wonderful. He gave a thank you speech, he help with everything, talked to people, and stayed with me the whole time. He even ooh'd and ahh'd over everything while showing his masculine side of trying to figure out what the heck everything was for. I was very proud of him.
My cousin Amy put together some funny stories from when each of us were little and some Q&A sheets on each of us as babies. She also brought bibs and onsies that people could paint for the baby. Once I get pictures of them I will post those as well.

OK, as far as names go, nothing yet, but I think we'll probably figure it out when he's born. I told Dan to hold on to names he likes and if he still has one he loves in 2 1/2 months then we'll make decisions. Take care everyone, talk to you soon.


Karra said...

Hey Pea Wea, my broda, and Little Bean~ It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm glad everyone is showing their support and helping the two of you out. I wish I could've made, I'm sorry :( I love all of you and can't wait to see you on Sat. (yes, this means Danny Boy HAS to come too!)

Aimee said...

It was so wonderful to share your shower with you. Your little family sure has a lot of love and support around it and it was a wonderful thing to witness. :) You look SO wonderful and I'm so happy for you. And Dan seems so excited as well. I get all teary evertime I think of my best friend with a little boy inside her! I loved seeing you and hopefully I'llg et back to CT soon.

Love you,