Monday, June 25, 2007

Another first

Last Saturday night we had a firework show. They started while Quinn was asleep, but we woke him and brought him outside to see them. I felt bad for the little man, because one minute he's sound asleep, and the next he's seeing these fireworks explode less than a block away. The sound was deafening.

He handled all the excitement surprisingly well.
For anyone that works with me, Steph and Quinn are coming to have lunch this Wednesday the 27th. I will try to make a few rounds around the different facilities so some of the folks who constantly ask about him can actually meet him. And if you see this Maria, I hope you can make it to see him. But if not, I will have Steph hook up with you somehow. Her and Quinn don't come up to Newport that often, so a meeting is a must.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Quinn,
Looks like I missed the big event at Raytheon. What a bummer! Sorry I didn't get to meet you and your Mommy. I didn't get the message until very late. I was running around all day long. I am sure you brightened a lot of faces at Raytheon. I am sure we will meet soon until then you are in my heart and prayers Much love little one> Maria