Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crazy week

Sorry for taking so long to update. This has been a really crazy week. I would just like to praise my son for being so good. Since last Thursday I have been doing about three separate things a day outside the house and dragging Quinn along with me. Tuesday we were out of the house for 12 hours. Only about 40min of that did he nap. He was so so good. He got a little squirmy toward the end but what could I expect. He just did so well. I am not going to do that to him any more if I can help it.
So, we had our six month check up on Monday. It is official, we are medication free. Although, now Quinn is taking vitamins. I feel much better about giving him those though. He is still not on the charts for weight and height but he's getting very close. Our little man weighed in at 13lb 140z on Monday and was 24 1/4" tall. The pediatrician says we have one healthy boy.
Now a days our little boy can be found sitting or standing and not much in between. When I put him on his tummy he flips right to his back. Everyone who works with him seems to agree that if Quinn crawls at all it will be for about two seconds before he starts walking. The pediatrician jokingly told me to put the baby gates up now. I guess we'll see soon enough. I know once he becomes mobile life will get a lot crazier.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to read the great news and see pictures of that beautiful little boy. I've been checking almost daily for updates and enjoyed every one. I thank God that Quinn is so healthy and active. What a miracle he is. I hope one day I will meet him.

Thanks so much for the beautiful picture. I treasure it. You all look beautiful. (Yeah, you too, Dan.) :)

With my love,
Mrs. Cherry

Eve said...

Wow, he's getting so big! And I only saw him 2 weeks ago. My nephew completely skipped crawling and started walking around 9 months...get those gates!

Anonymous said...

You don't know how often I go to this site ~ just to see mighty Quinn's cute face. I'm so happy for both you and Dan, and for our mighty Quinn. He's turning out to be such a cute cute little boy, like daddy ~ I MEAN ~ like mommy. Cheers to you all.

Nohno Mer