Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Service Down

We are happy and sad to say that today was our last visit with Quinn's nurse. This was such a wonderful resource and Karen and Joanne are so wonderful, we are going to miss them terribly. On the other hand Quinn doesn't need the service anymore so of course that is a wonderful feeling. Quinn weighs in at 14lbs 9oz. He needs to be just over 15lbs to be on the charts. So close we can almost taste it.

In other news our physical therapist is now going to come twice a month. Quinn is doing so well Bob doesn't want him to get bored. Quinn has started pulling himself up on things, but we're trying to make sure he crawls first.

Scars! What scars?

I am just so amazed by my son. I know I keep talking about how well he's doing, but here I go again. Bob mentioned that Quinn just doesn't act like a cardiac baby. He said that when he's working with other cardiac babies they get short of breath, turn color, and/or get irritable quickly. Quinn does none of these things. I wonder if he will continue to defy whats expected. Maybe he will play competitive sports. I just want him to be able to whatever he wants. And I truly believe he will. I love you little man.

We also have our first official spoken word. I say spoken because obviously he doesn't know how to use it, he can just vocalize it. So what's the word you ask. Amazingly, the one I wanted it to be. Now I know what you're thinking. I heard that word because it's what I wanted to hear. I started hearing this word a little over a week ago, but ignored it because I'm mommy and that's what I wanted to hear. I was talking to my mother several days ago and she said she'd heard it too. Well she's grandma, so again I dismissed it. My little sister was over two days ago and Quinn looked up at me and said it clear as day. Dan said he'd heard it. Still I hesitated to believe it. But today Quinn said Hi to my older sister. So, that's it. Our first word is hi.

The eye's have it.


Anonymous said...

what an amazing little boy you have. He is so round and healthy-looking, and what a BEAUTIFUL boy he is! Those eyes sure DO have it. I am absolutely amazed that there are no scars on his chest. Having seen all of those pictures from the first months of his life, it is truly a miracle. What a special gift you two have in this little life. I am celebrating with you his incredible progress and hope to be able to meet him some day soon.

Steph, I'm off of work now for the summer, so if you are ever nearby, maybe we can arrange for a visit? I'd love that.

God bless your beautiful family,
with love,
Mrs. Cherry

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

I love picture of him with the big smile. He is getting so big Go Quinn GO.