Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This day last year

As I looked back at our post from this time last year, I realized we didn't post anything about the couple of days prior to Quinn. So, I guess better late than never. This is ABOUT what I was doing two days before Quinn was born.

1a - I was awakened by the first contractions. I walked around a bit to ease them. Watched some TV and tried unsuccessfully to take a nap.

6:30a - Dan woke up for work. I told him I didn't think he'd be going in that day and would he write down my contraction frequency and duration.

10:30a - I was finally confident enough to go to the hospital.

11:00 - We get to the hospital.

11:30 - Strapped into monitors and ready to get good news.

11:30 -1p - Waiting and watching and not progressing.

1:30 - Going home due to lack of progress. Very embarrassed.

2p - Finally get a nap as contractions have eased.

5:30p - Wake up have Dinner with Dan, watch TV, and go to bed around 11p assuming I am going to have to wait until Friday the 24th to have this baby. My doctor had an induction planned for me for that day and as I left the hospital he said he'd see me on Friday. How humiliating.

And of course, Quinn pics.

He's so sure he wants to get on that ball.

Hmm, maybe not such a good idea. "I'm flexible, but this is a little much."

But of course it's all good.

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