Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What other time in your life can you find common household items that are larger then you are?

So, we have started our next round of RSV shots. Unfortunately this year he gets one in each leg since he's bigger than he was last year. Speaking of bigger, he is now 17lbs 9oz. I thought we would make 20lb by the time he was 1 but I guess not. That's alright. It makes it easier for me to carry him. Which I do most of the day.


dad said...

What a little munchkin. Because he's so small and light, everyone loves to hold him and carry him around. Including me. And it's tough cause we are probably stunting his ability to get around on his own.

Pop said...

Somebody has a birthday coming up on the 22nd!!!! Hard to believe a year has gone b so fast.

Love you all,
Pop and Kim