Thursday, December 13, 2007

First offical snow day

Well Quinn finally got to go out and experience his first real snow day. Only problem.....snow boots 2 sizes too big, oops.

I ended up putting his slippers in the boots to take up the extra room.

He was definitely nice and warm. Only moving was a problem.

We had fun though.

Looks like the inclination to eat snow out of the air starts really early.

Walking was a little hard though. I'll go out and get some boots that fit before the next snow.

Hey beautiful eyes.


Kristin said...

Remind me Steph - I have a brand new hat & mittens set, red, that I bought for Mary but is too small for her. It'll match Quinn's snow suit perfectly!


Tracey said...

Waaay too cute!! :-D

Pop said...

I love this blog site!!!

Pop and Kim