Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy late birthday my love

How terrible. We were so busy yesterday with birthday plans I never wrote you a birthday message. And even worse, I was never able to find the camera yesterday, so no pictures. Auntie Karra took some video, so maybe at some point we'll be able to use that.

Quinn, you are by far the best thing that has every happened to me. You are such a sweet boy. You still like to cuddle, thank God. You say please and thank you to everything. More thank you than please, but we're getting there. You are really good at picking up your toys. You are just blossoming at your daycare. You are talking so much now, and they love how you sing yourself to sleep at nap time. You talk about Shelby the dog from daycare all week long. You also talk about and ask for your Uncle Joes through out the week. You like the colors blue and purple. You really like cars and balls. You can even hit a ball occasionally, when I throw it just right and hit your bat with it :). You still love to dance, you love arts, and love music. You absolutely adore your daddy. The easiest way to get you to leave daycare, which is sometimes hard, is to say we're going to go home and see daddy. You love Dora and Diego, sigh, I let him watch television now. You are such an easy little boy. Daycare says we should have eight more kids, but I'm convinced that since you are so good the next one would be a terror. I guess we'll find out someday. I love you my boy. I can't wait for your next year.


Anonymous said...

Momma, that is such a sweet birthday message to an amazing birthday boy! Quinn, your mommy would move the stars for you if she ever had to. We all love you so much. Keep shining and smiling (and cuddling with momma!).
Lots and lots and lots of love,
Auntie Karra

Anonymous said...

Quinn, you are a miracle and continue to show that everyday. You keep playing, cuddling, laughing, and being the 2 year old that you should be.

Steph and Dan, you have an amazing boy I know I say that a lot but you do. He is lucky to have you both as his parents.

Happy 2nd Birthday Quinn and many more to come!

Lots of Love

Bariso said...

Happy Birthday Quinn.
we hope you had a great Birthday and that you got to celebrated it with all the people that love you soooo much.
It is soo great to see your grow up and to see you doing better.
We are sending you a HUGE Birthday wish. I hope you and Isabelle will meet soon.
The Barisos

Eve said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!! You are such a sweet little boy in all your pictures I love your smile.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Quinn! How the time has flown. I can't believe you are two already :) You are a very special boy and you are lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents. Hope to see you all soon.

much love - Suzanne