Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back up camera

Too bad that we keep losing our camera, but I did get a few poor quality pics of Quinns birthday with my cell phone. It was a great turnout of friends and family. Our tenant and resident chef Marshall whipped up quite a well recieved feast. The kind of food thats so good people kept eating well after they were full.

In my opinion Quinn has a lot of toys (not that I have room to talk). But he does such a good job of picking up after himself, and sharing his toys with others, I don't worry about him being spoiled. This was his first unassisted gift opening experience.

At two years old I couldn't be more proud of how he is. Since he started daycare and is around other children, he has been talking a lot. His sentences and vocabulary far exceed what he is able to pronounce, so I do a lot of nodding when he tells me things and repeat back the key words I can pick up.

I also recently got to meet my niece and see my sister who visited from Washington. Quinn has made me forget how much infants don't support their own weight and don't move around. I picked her up and her head almost rolled off her shoulders. Oops!

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Steph and Dan said...

Thank you love for providing such great pictures since I can't seem to keep track of the camera. I love your post. Thank you for being such a great daddy.