Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Major Update

Sorry it's been so long. I've been absolutely crazy. Dan has been working night shifts for over a month (5p-7a) and so I've really been relying a lot on my mom and sisters to get any work done for school and any free time that I have (hahahaha, free time). Anyway, school is really good, I love it, and I'm learning a lot of interesting things. I miss Quinn soooo much, but he really seems to love his daycare. So that's a weight off my mind. In other news, my daycare helped me potty train him. So, the boy is all potty trained. It's really nice not having to throw away so many diapers. Medically he's doing really really well right now. OK, on with the post.

So Quinn went out for his first election today!!! We hit the poles at just the right time, luckily there was no line or I might have regretted my decision to bring him. As it was, he did really well.

Since I had the day off to go vote we did lots and lots of long overdue playing. We went to Tia Sarah's and played in the leaves.

Oh what fun.

Then we went to stay and play in old saybrook, and did lots of climbing and playing. And then we went to my mom's (which I have no pictures from) and played some more. Weeeeeee.

This was last weekend. There is lots of fun to be had under a sheet.

Grandpa came for a visit and Quinn just couldn't get enough of him.

Look at the smiles.

On to Halloween. Look at that happy grandpa.

Three of the cousins ready to trick-or-treat.

They're watching a train go by.

Karra's husband went as a stormtrooper and Quinn decided to borrow his helmet for this picture.

We carved the pumpkin to match the costume.

Enjoy, this will be a nice little laugh.


Katie said...


Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

I love the leaves pictures. Although my favorite was the video of Quinn dancing he is so cute.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Hey I go to stay and play with my munchkins all the time! LOL.. I am so happy to hear that Quinn is doing so well. Potty trained I am impressed!!!!

Lots of love

Pop said...

What a GREAT time we had!!! Quinn had the crowd WOWED as he danced!
Pop and Kim

Bariso said...

Quinn looks soo cute.
What a perfect little man he is turning into to.
Steph, can you believe our little ones are going to be 2.
OMG!!! Where did the time go.
Hope all is well

Pop said...


Grandapa and Kim

Anonymous said...

happy birthday PETIT PRINCE!!!it is KATHLEEN

bye bye
big kisses