Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cell phone pic adventure

Boston children's hospital. Quinn at two and a half years old as an in-patient trying to stay entertained for a two day stay on a bed.

Earlier I mentioned that he was a model patient. Part of that is me bragging because the kids behavior impresses me. Steph and I always try to teach him politeness and respect, and love that he comes through even around strangers. He makes it easy for the hospital staff when they have to work with him, and thus, he gets so many stickers he doesn't know what to do.

Radiation exposure. This use to bug him. Not much anxiety here. There's a book Quinn likes called "Curious George goes to the hospital". It illustrates the monkey getting x-rays and having an operation. It also shows how the monkey cheers up the other children in the hospital, and Quinn has emulated what he remembers from the book.

Checking vitals.

Theres a TV in his room.

I was a little sceptical when Steph would tell him well in advance when he was going to get stuck with needles. But he accepts the news better than I would, cooperates, and doesn't cry until it hurts. Then he's fine in a matter of moments. That's awesome Quinn.

Quinn was given an oral sedative just before he was taken in for the angioplasty. I took cell phone pics periodically over the next few minutes...

I wasn't even speaking to him when he just began laughing at my face.

He would answer yes or no questions, but wouldn't say what was so funny. Until I asked the right question. "Is daddy's face funny?"

It was a little sad to watch. What parent wants to see their kid on drugs? But he was happy alright.

After the procedure he was not so happy. He had not eaten or drank for a day, and the only word coming out of his mouth was "water". The nurse told us to give him little sips over the next half hour, and he was pretty ticked about that.

When I say the outlook is good leaving the hospital, I mean that the doctors have put off scheduling any further angioplasty procedures. His cardiologist (Dr. Marshall) says the only thing left to do is grow and see how his heart pumps blood as he gets bigger.

On that great news, we asked Quinn what he wanted to do in the big city. I thought he would just want to go home, like I did. But instead he was up for some fine dining and a trip to the aquarium.

We are home now. The incision on Quinns femoral artery will keep him out of the pool for a few days but other than that, life is grand. As always, thanks the friends and family who support us. I didn't get pictures on my cell phone but both Quinns grandmas came to Boston to help entertain him during his long hours in the hospital bed. Thanks you two.


Steph and Dan said...

Thank you honey for all of your updating. You do such a great job laying out the story.

Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffrey said...

Oh my goodness those sedative pictures were entertaining!!! I think he grew a lot in the week we were gone, he looks so big!! Nice job Quinn, you are truly amazing. We love you so much. Thanks for the post Dan.